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Merch Store Annotations

14 November 2012 14:29

Within the Annotations tool, you can create Merch Annotations on your videos that link to approved external sites for your related merchandise. Merch Annotations provide partners a way to promote their licensed merchandise directly in their videos.

If this feature is not available on your channel yet, please contact your Channel Manager.

From Video Manager, click the downwards arrow next to the Edit button of the video you want to change, then select the Annotations options.

At the top of the menu you’ll see a banner that says “Enable your account for Merch and Related links.” with an “Enable” button. Then, click the “+ Add annotation” button to create a new Annotation, or select an existing Annotation. Select the link checkbox to add a retail url, then select the category ‘Merch’










Click save and publish.


Here’s a list of approved websites and example links:


Believe video team